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I'm alive!

Well, I meant to post a nice lengthy catch-up, but instead, on logging on for the first time in a month I discovered that I had tons of comment spam, MT-blacklist hadn't been updating properly, the comments had closed but the site wouldn't rebuild, and stuff was messed up on my server. Oh yay. So after fixing that and cleaning things up for about 2 hours, I am wiped out.

So, briefly: sorry I've been awol. This spring has been pretty rough, I was sick, then Evan was sick, and we've had tons to get done while not being sick. Things are getting back on track now, finally. More later when I don't need to spend half my afternoon fixing stuff.

And briefly -- MoCCA was fantastic, and the Knitting Factory bites. Expect Evan to write about both profusely, as soon as he's feeling better. (For those of you who didn't attend MoCCA, he actually has lost his voice!)


aww...i'm sorry you've both been sick...get well soon, you talented bastards! :)

I love the euphonious list of what you're reading and playing. "Queen Zixi of Ix", "Electric 6". I'm sorry there was a cat present, otherwise you could have put "Cats in room: nix".

I will fix that for you (get it? FIX?) right now....^_^

Aw, thanks.

nice seein you and evan at the show! id write more but theres a thunderstorm outside and i might get blown up!

Good to see you girl! :)

I've missed your witty info!