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it's spring!

and spring is time for new babies...I'm deee-lighted to finally get to publicly congratulate cartoonist Christine Norrie (also known as Action Girl's Eela Lavin, it's a long story, don't worry about it) on the birth of her daughter Josephine! And yeah, to that Andy guy who helped out, too. ^_^


hey Sarah, not really a comment on this, but in case someone hadn't already sent it to you, i thought you might appreciate hearing the Comics Code as Rock Opera. ^^ wish i could claim i had anything to do with it, but i don't...alas! you can find it here:

Hey Sarah!

Well, now that Josie's here, I can call her 'Eela' too. Short short story is that it was my nickname when I was a baby-- it's Thai for something along the lines of 'first sweet girl'.

Thanks for the congrats!!