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for the spooky kids!

And everyone else who likes goofy stuff in their house...we went to ikea (in an unsuccessful search for a living room chair we've been trying to get) and found this super-cute spider lamp in the children's department (also comes in pink, not so cute). The point of the spiderweb is to keep kid's fingers out of the lamp, but we thought they were just cool. So we promptly got two to replace the dying VÄRD lamps we'd had in the bedroom since we moved. Add in some shelving we needed and a big plate of swedish meatballs and I call that trip a success, chair or not.


IKEA meatballs rule, and that red berry sauce it comes with (I forget the name of it, so I call it fershlugginer berry) is really tasty. IKEA - come for the shelving, stay for the food!

lingonberry!! I'm always tempted to buy some and take it home, but I always forget. I confess I also drink half sprite/half lingonberry punch when we eat there. And luckily, Evan tolerates this tendency of mine.

You know if you buy that huge 7-pound bag of frozen meatballs you get a jar of the lingonberry sauce fuh-free!

Oh yum!

The best is Lingonberries with Swedish Pancakes!!! (it's a common enough recipe) and Yes!, the Ikea Meatballs do Rule!!!