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how comical

some comic/manga-related bits:

Vertical, the company publishing Tezuka's Buddha (as well as several novels, including the Ring series) is doing well and has lots more planned in the near future. Evan will be happy to know this, since we were a little worried about the Buddha series actually getting completed.

A new manga called Lifeline will be serialized in Japan soon, and may be the first comic about life in a juvenile reformatory. Interesting to see that even in Japan they haven't exhausted every possible genre!

And finally, the new ebook reader from Sony actually looks like it can finally light a fire under that market (which just hasn't happened). If this reader is as good as promised, someday (in the distant future when it doesn't cost almost $400) this could be the system that allows e-comics to really happen. Well, small-press b&w comics, anyway!

Vertical story link fixed!


its now 3 weeks

oh shush. and it's been 2.

the link to the story on Vertical is no longer working; but it was mirrored here: http://www.asianewsnet.net/template.php?No=24338&logo_name=Business

I don't know if you guys saw this yet. I found this link via the "Cartoon Brew" web site.


I have to confess -- I have at least 2 paperback cookbooks full of those sort of kid's bento lunches. (In japanese, obviously). Soooo cute. But I've never seen them online anywhere -- thanks!!