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it's not a dud...

...it's a dream!! Dakin (now part of Applause) has just reintroduced their Dream Pets line, a toy series that began in 1957 and continued through the 70s. The amazing thing is that it's the first launch of "retro hipster" etc toys that is cheap and widely available -- retail is just $8 and they're at most card stores (and Cracker Barrels, wherever they have those). Evan brought the Flying Tiger home Thursday night and we are absolutely mad for the whole line (well, okay, most of it). Go look now!! (And yes, Rikki, you will be completely broke before I'm done with you ;P )

In comical news, the Funnyrama appearance we had yesterday went really well, I thought. It was more of a mini-con than I had expected and very busy. I was wiped out by the end, it's so over-the-top, but we had a good time (and whether or not we go back, if you're in the general area I completely recommend checking it out in the future).


We saw these at Puzzle Zoo, when we were out squirrel watching in Santa Monica. Tavisha tells me she used to have a silver poodle and something ... orange from the series. I wonder if they're still filled with sawdust. Stab yours and let us know. Heehee.

Talk about things for a fanatical geek to spend money on, checka dis "Douglas Adams' Tent:" http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=1469&item=4206174742&rd=1