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Things have been just too, too much. And our weekend left me completely wiped out and feeling ick, like I may have picked up some bug at the show (it was still a great show, other than the minor jerk incidents Evan mentioned). Working on catching up now.

The links have been piling up, so here's a few:

Super-exciting: ImaginAsian tv -- dumb name but great idea, a 24-hour asian-american digital cable station with dramas, movies, etc. They're also opening a movie theater/cultural center here in NYC this summer. Seriously looking forward to this and keeping my fingers crossed that it happens!

Scariest human beatbox ever: Dokaka! A japanese beatbox artist who has to be heard to be believed. Start with his "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and go on from there.

Bringing out the envy in me: photos of a day at the Ghibli Museum. Ooh and aaah. Last time we were at Mitsuwa we saw a poster for the museum in the travel office and the lady started trying to sell us on tickets...oh did we ever wish we could have said yes.

And the yummiest: kid's cartoon character bentos, found by reader Marc. I have a couple books of these, but the ones on this page look like they might be homemade versions. the Anpanman bento is my favorite, but I find the goofy keroppi incredibly endearing.