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be a scientist!

How cool is this? A home DNA mapping kit? For kids? My god do I wish I could have been sequencing DNA in middle school. Put this on your xmas list for any kids over 10!


Huh... maybe now we can lay to rest whether or not we're fraternal or identical twins. Sounds neat!

Oh I am getting that for my friend zeppo!!! She will LOVE it!

i'm a kid who's about 15 years over 10, and boy do i want one of those! that's seriously got to be one of the coolest toys EVER. thanks for the tip! :)

this is so off topic (though i did sit and stare at the dna toy for awhile and thought about buying one), what zilpha keatley snyder book are you reading? i'm having some sort of nostalgic crisis or something right now and i keep buying books i remember reading when i was younger used on amazon, and she was one of my favorites. so my curiosity was piqued.

DNA mapping kit for kids? Darn you, Sarah! I'm gonna go broke reading this blog!

I'm gonna sequence everything in my back yard now, even the shovel.