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Happy Birthday!

cake.jpg Happy Birthday to Evan! Today (the 20th) is the actual day, but Sunday we had a nice dinner with my dad and stepmom and check out the awesome cake that they had made for him!! (Sorry about the bad flash, I was taking surreptitious photos before he saw it). Amazing, and actually quite tasty. It is so huge though, we'll never finish it. I wish I could send each and every one of you a slice!!


Wow! Beautiful job. :) Happy happys Evan! April birthdays are the best! ;)

Happy birthday, Evan!!

That is one cool cake. Although, I may have been a little scared of the filling. Give Evan a big Happy Birthday for me.

That is a nice cake. Er, nothing came out of it, right?

Was it a red velvet cake? :)

Kick arse!! Happy Berfday Evan!!

thanks everyone! no, just chocolate cake with buttercream icing. A nice gooey red filling would have been the perfect touch but I think the bakery was freaked out enough already!!

We did all want the "bloody knife" slice. ^_^

Happy b'day! Awesome cake!

heh, that cake is awesome. had i known it was his birthday, haps i'd have worn my Murder Family t-shirt with Georgina and the bloody knife to work that day. which, actually, i've done before, and no one's minded. :)