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First up -- thanks to reader arved, who let me know that the original Ghost Town page (a girl's rides through Chernobyl) is not only back online, but newly updated! Go. Read. Now.

Second -- why I was going to post. We took a little time out to do some organizing this weekend, and one of the things we did was finally tackle the CD collection. We have too many CDs we don't listen to, and even getting rid of those, the ones we want to keep are taking up an enormous amount of space. Finally, I got the chance to try out the CD sleeves I'd bought -- let me see -- in 2001!! And we are totally into them. I only had 100, but the amazing thing was to see all 100 of those CDs (with their tray cards and booklets) in a box about 10" deep. A big thumbs up to this system from us -- if you have too many CDs you might want to check these out.


those CD sleeves look VERY cool! i had a similar problem, and i ended up going the giant CD binder route. while i'm very attached to my liner notes, i'm not (usually) nearly as attached to the little tray inlay things that go under the CD tray in the case. so i just shove the CDs and the liner notes into the binders---the ones i had when i filed these, i did in my usual manner of filing. any which have come afterward have gone on to the end of the current binder (i've got 3 of those ones that hold 264 CDs each so far. =O) i didn't want to get rid of the jewel cases altogether, so i boxed them up and shoved them in the attic.

as for CDs with weird packaging, i've got a little Sterilite box full of them. lots of Japanese CDs in there---3" singles and other oddly packaged things, which it seems the Japanese recording industry loves. XD i love them too, but they do present an, er, interesting issue to tackle when attempting to store them in any fashion, haha!

(there was this Misfits box that came in a coffin that a friend eventually got rid of cos it was just such a pain to maneuver...:P)

I have a bunch of those binders, for MP3 and VCD disks. We were thinking of going with those for the CDs too, but since we move CDs between our 2 offices, the bedroom, the living room and the car, taking them in and out and having to keep binders in every room to keep them safe just didn't work.

I am keeping a bunch of CDs in weird packaging too! Mostly japanese as well (My Go-Bangs collection, some P5 and a load of those 3" CD singles -- I really liked that format! Did you break yours and fold them down to the mini-size or leave them full length?) I'm just going to give them their own drawer in the eventual storage unit I get for everything.

We kept the tray cards mainly because we could, plus that way we can reassemble them into jewel cases if we ever really want to for some reason. But we decided to junk the cases and if we really need more? We'll go buy some.

nah, with those 3"s, i kept them all long-length. i thought about breaking them down, but was scared i'd do it wrong and crack the case. :O i've got some that came in little 3" sized sleeves, muck like LPs only a whole lot smaller. and there was this Japanese 3" of the Sugarcubes' "Birthday" that came in what was almost like a little square envelope with the liner notes and lyric sheet wrapped around it. i've got a few of those that aren't Japanese, too---some UK ones that came in really silly blister packs. so i've kept the blister pack, because i don't have anywhere else to really put 3"s. XD

i suppose if i were getting rid of all the jewel cases, i'd keep the tray cards too...but since i just went the "out of sight, out of mind" route, i wasn't overly concerned. i carry around a bunch of CDs with me wherever i go---i still have a portable CD player that does nothing but play CDs which i wear in a little pouch every day. it's a bit like my version of a security blanket, i suppose---with the way my work environment is situated, i seriously wouldn't get anything done if i didn't have music and noise-cancelling headphones with me here...