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Some quick links:

Brief story on Puffy, mentioning their thoughts on the US cartoon.

Interesting BBC story on manga, note the comment from the "yaoi expert" who seems to be saying yet again that the men in these comics are not, in fact, gay. Just in love.

Excellent commentary from Devo's Gerald Casale, found via Bob Mould's blog (an excellent read in its own right).

And for pure fun, check out the gallery of Toy2R's qee's at Queester. I love Qees, too bad they're so spendy for such little things. (Currently drooling for: series 4 monkeys and 3 of the cats -- cheshire, girl and xray.) Saw an 8" at Toy Tokyo yesterday, so cute I could barely stand it!

Speaking of yesterday, we attended the big Adult Swim season launch party. It was interesting. A little weird (in that it was a big party paid for and planned by marketing people, so...there was some stuff going on I wouldn't have chosen myself) but we got to hook up with a number of people we know and rarely see, including the producers we are allegedly still doing development work for on the series. So that was good.


See I knew I liked you for a reason! ;)

I've been a fan of Bob Mould from way back. (Thanks cool ex-boyfriend!)

The funny thing about Bob Mould -- I loved Husker Du. Liked his solo stuff. And then I loved, LOVED, the Loudbomb album. And he's a funny writer. The man is just obviously all-around brilliant to make me like him doing so many completely different things.


Through a bizarre series of events, I designed those "X-ray Cat" Qees (along with the "grouchy bear" from series 3).

I'm supposed to be getting a few at some point. If you want me to send you one of each, just lemme know.

Jason (jason@toyotter.com)

well holy [expletive muffled]!! heck yeah I want those kitty cat qees!! And I hope you feel flattered -- I'm SO picky about my qees and I love x-ray cat!!