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so sleepy...

Cranking on the current job so I can pull ahead and get life stuff done (house cleaning, taxes, stuff like that). Worked all day and I'm sooo tired. Anyway. I'm going to add a link to this over on the site, but if you read blogs through a LiveJournal friends list rather than a regular newsreader (I actually read a bunch of LJ blogs through a friends list myself) you can syndicate this site to it here. I had no idea! I just found out about it, um, yesterday. And I wanted to post it before I forgot again. Oh...so sleepy....


There's more than one. I use sarahdyer, which has 12 subscribers instead of 5 and is therefore a bit less point-impactlicious.

really? that's freaky -- I wonder how they ended up with 2? Maybe I can get them to combine them and drop the point count thing even more. thanks for the headsup!

Ah! They're actually two different feeds, the xml and rdf feeds. (summaries vs full posts) I will make a note in my heachy brain that there are TWO and to let people know. thanks!!

heachy? that would be "headachy". But I think typing "heachy" proves my point. yeesh! I'm so heachy!! ^_^