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give give give!

The new t-shirt for the Glen Jones Radio Programme Featuring X. Ray Burns is close to finished! It's the $60 (whoops, $120) pledge premium for the show during this year's marathon at WFMU. And pledging to Glen's show (or making a large online pledge) is the only way you will be able to get this shirt! I'll try to have at least line art up for it soon, since they may not have time to get the art up on their site before Sunday. Even if you don't want it though, please consider giving WFMU whatever you can if you are a listener (or if you just want to support the idea of true, commercial-free, free-form radio). Okay. PSA over!


'scuse my ignorance I'm Canadian but what is the Glenn Jones radio program?

This is probably old news to you but in a reversal of the Puffy cartoon. Tokyo Pop is bringing out a manga involving Courtney Love called Princess Ai. The artwork will be done by the artist for Paradise Kiss

Oops, I meant to put a link to the show here: http://www.wfmu.org/jones/ It's one of Evan's favorite shows on WFMU. Glen was also the voice of the comic shop owner in the Eltingville pilot. And a swell guy.