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for you LJ readers

Girl reporter Wednesday White alerted me that there is a 2nd feed of this journal at LiveJournal, because there's one for each of the rss feeds I have set up (who knows what would happen if I had all the others set up!). If you are using the "jinjursum" feed, switch yourself over to the "sarahdyer" feed. It will look the same, and the point cost is lower. Now to figure out if there is already a feed for the HOF news and get that figured out before there's 5 of them.

edited to add: there wasn't one set up yet for the HOF news feed. So I just did it, and it's here


Damn, how I want those American Skathic originals and the Exceptions one that are listed...I might just save up for those.

I checked my e-mail but now the damn thing didn't want to let me reply. I think I'm going to end up getting a double bed. I just dug through my closet and found some more shirts to go for the project.

I was wondering where you were! What the heck is up with your email? Too freaky. Okay, double bed, I'll try and email you soon, and hopefully you'll get it...