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your input needed!

If you freelance or are other-wise self-employed, please take this survey. The Freelancer's Union/Working Today here in NYC is trying to collect 1500 responses by next Wednesday to use in their ongoing efforts towards health care reform. Also, make sure to put in your correct zip code, as this will help show them where in the country people live who could use their services, to encourage them to expand. thanks!

In other news, I cannot shake my craving for Archer Farm's (Target's food line) Thai Potato Chips. I should probably be glad we don't have a Target right nearby.


Thanks Sarah, I'll pass this on to Robin.

What do they taste like? I had sweet potato and taro root chips from some Canadian organic food company and they were delish

Thanks Elayne!!

Michael -- they're kind of hard to describe, sort of a soy-peppery-chili taste. Weird at first bite, but then we both went "mmm!!" and wished we'd bought more. I love sweet potato chips too -- have you ever had spicy ones? Those are amazing.