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various tidbits

The upcoming Puffy cartoon got a good write-up. Ooh, why am I not working on this show?

Hideo Nakata, the director of the original Japanese Ringu (and Ringu 2, Dark Water, Joy-rei a.k.a. Ghost Actress, etc) has been hired to direct the American Ring 2. How freaky is that? If he can bring 1/10th of his knack for true creepiness to the film I'll certainly get in line.

This week's Variety wrote up (and liked a lot) Takashi Miike's latest, Zebraman, which is apparently being billed as "the Takashi Miike film for the whole family!!" Going by some of the stuff mentioned in the review, I don't think you should be rushing any kids off to see it, but we're looking forward to it a great deal. Then again, we really liked the Happiness of the Katakuri Family, and a lot of people don't, so what do we know?


Hey, I really liked HAPPINESS OF THE KATAKURIS, even more than Miike's more "popular" movies, like the DEAD OR ALIVE trilogy or ICHI THE KILLER. It was fun, bizarre, oddly touching and almost impossible to describe. I was telling my wife about it, and she was with me right up until I said "...and there's claymation, too!"