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My intended entry for today was totally derailed when I came across these sites today, courtesy of the Practical Hippie: the Bag of Plagues, and the 10 Plagues Adventure, "a fun activity to represent the ten plagues". As you might guess from the 10 plagues reference, these are Passover activities for the kiddies, centered around the 10 plagues. Holy wow. The bag is actually kind of cute in a gag-gift kind of way. But the activities, they just freak me out. I can't even decide which one weirds me out the most. But it might be this one:

10. Put red ribbon on the sides and top of door post of your house to avoid the death plague. When the neighbors ask what the ribbon is for you can witness to them!
Yes, the 10 Plagues fun is actually for Christian kids, who I think would enjoy them even less than Jewish kids who at least have an afikomen payoff to look forward to.


This is wonderful kiddie fare. Isn't the red ribbon all around the door from the Japanese movie Pulse? Forget the death plague, I'm afraid of those things in the movie coming after me.

I also like the boils and lice re-enactment. Fun for lunatics!

"you can witness to them"? um....hm.
that's insane. plagues, to me, don't really equal "fun". more like "horrible pain and suffering".
you're right though. i'd so get that for someone as a joke, provided it's less than $10.

Oooh... my mom has a "Passion Playset" that she got for my nieces and nephews to play with when they were small. It contains three little crosses and cartoony plastic figurines of Jesus and the two thieves and Pontias Pilate and... oh, I forget who else. The important part is that your children can have hours of fun reproducing Christ's crucifixion and suffering!

Why be subtle? Paint the lintel with lamb's blood, and put the stereo next to the door playing Joy Division's "Passover" loud. Then when the neighbors come over to complain, you get 'em!

LOL! I think I need to find my old Joy Division CD!

Reminds me of the Left Behind board game but a whole lot more cheerful and tongue-in-cheek (at least I hope it is, never can tell with some of these things). The lice bit is cute, reminds of the various cootie girls from elementary.

Semi-OT but can anyone tell me when the Angel Sanctuary graphic novels are out?

unfortunately, I think it's deadly serious. I love the passion playset! I bet if you started looking closely at religious toy suppliers you could find some really creepy stuff. It's not all nice friendly Noah animal sets...