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I'm an ellegirl!

I finally got my copies of elleGirl korea, and my lord, I have never seen a teen mag in my life so thick. Seriously, this thing is well over 1" thick (I think it's over 400 pages), and weighs a ton. Loads of glossy paper and laminated inserts. Anyway, it's a very neat magazine, not that I have a clue what any of the text says (other than all the headlines and many captions that are in English). I got a write-up on the contributor's page (hopefully they said nice things), two drawings on the contents pages, and the full-page illustrated interview. It all came out very nice (other than some odd cropping and flipping of images) and I was pretty excited to see it.

Yesterday was generally pretty alright. Snow Drop 6 is off; some progress was made around the house; I got a batch of boiled peanuts started (which will keep Evan complaining all day today); and some opportunities presented themselves which have potential to be, um, interesting down the line (I'm all for planning as far ahead as possible).

Unfortunately, the rotten Mr. Jinx then proceeded to ruin virtually our entire night's sleep by prowling around the edge of the bed (his enemy Crushy was attempting to sleep in the middle) with occasional stops to chew on our hair. Fun fun fun.

Oh, and because I am simply too busy (and lazy) to figure out my template porblems on the D.I.Y./crafts blog, I finally just caved and set myself up at Livejournal for the time being. (I got tired of having to throw out notes for entries because they were so outdated and I just can't spare the time to get the MT stuff worked out.) If you are so inclined, feel free to stop by.


Cool about getting your Elle Korea mag. So will there be an upcoming translation of the article

I don't think so. There is some weird thing with the elleGirl mags where they swap articles with other country's editions, but I think they'd have told me if that was the case.

LOL! I have to agree with Evan on the boiled peanuts front. Those things stink to high heaven! Are you from down here gal?? What in the world are you doing making boiled peanuts? ;)

Actually I like to eat them I just don't want to really see or smell them cooking! :)

And congrats on elleGirl Korea!! I want a 400 page cool girl magazine!

Yeah yeah, well I think shrimp stink and he eats those....I'm Yankee by lineage but thanks to the USAF I was born in Louisiana and thanks to the GI Bill I was raised in Florida. So thus the boiled peanuts. The real giveaway to where I grew up though? Syrup on my breakfeast meats (even when they're soy). ^_^