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a quick one

Okay, a quick post just to link to these movies. Some of you have already seen these, I'm sure, but if not, check out the incomparable Phantasmagoria's Mario Bros. movies. These things are hysterical, I can't even believe how good they are. (Evan thinks they're better directed than the Harry Potter movies, but you probably know how he feels about those.) There will be 5 parts, but only 3 are finished. Go watch them (do yourself a favor and download them so you can show your friends over and over and over...)

Part I
Part II
Part III


Saw these last week and I too think that these are better directed than 99% of the crap that you see coming out today.

Besides I just love "serious" takes on stuff like this.

BTW, was in south FL and saw the action figure show. Good stuff!

Thanks! We're dying to see the figs in person. We probably won't get to see them til (if) the show gets here.

Can't wait til parts 4 & 5 of mario are done. And did you see that (if this guy is on the level, and I think he is from his other posts) that they are being done by a 19-year-old in NJ? I AM impressed.

o_0!!! WOW!!!