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change of plan

I was in the middle of posting a link to a really cute flash movie I found, when the news came out that Spalding Gray was found in the East River (as most people expected). What a downer. And how sad and useless. I feel for the guy, obviously he was really messed up. But I have a strongly held personal belief that anyone who checks out when there's a small child in the picture is a...I'll just say jerk.

In other sucky news, (not to mention suckiness that actually affects me personally) in case you haven't heard, a drunk driver plowed through, and I mean through, the SLG offices this weekend. See details here and here. We got the news Saturday from Dan. Luckily, stupid drunk drivers are usually drunk late at night when no-one is sitting at their desks. It could have been so much worse.

Anyway. I'll finish that other post tomorrow and put it up. I should be working anyway.


Dear Lord. Thank GOD no one was there.

And I was sad too about Spaulding Grey. I know what you mean about the small child thing, but as a life long depression person, I can only say that sometimes your brain can REALLY f--k you over. Not that it's not a HUGE waste and just wrong. eh.

Hugs and I'm sorry your happy post was preempted by ugliness.

Also, they just posted pics to the SLG livejournal:

wow...crazy about the car crashing through slg. what are the odds, huh? that makes me happy to work on the second floor of a large building where cars can't spontaneously come through the window. i'll probably just die in some kind of elevator incident instead. hehe...

So did they find out why this woman who plowed into the SLG office was throwing a ton back before getting behind the wheel

No more news on that yet, did get a big update from Dan. Things look pretty positive and according to Deb's journal, insurance is covering everything. I think they'll eventually write the whole thing up as an "SLG Adventure" but don't expect it super-soon!