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Just a quick heads up, the Zojirushi NS-KCC05 rice cooker I wrote up in the cooking pages is 44% off today. That's even better than the deal we got on it. If you're in the market for a rice cooker, I loooove this one. Drawback -- it does not make a ton of rice, but it's perfect for 1-2 people. And I don't know if anyone else cruises the Friday sale on a regular basis, but they've been putting Le Creuset on sale every week lately. I'm very tempted, but I don't even know where to start.


Look for the heart-shaped Le Creuset (yeah, I know, it's corny, but my wife and I picked it up before we got married and it holds enough for both of us AND the two-year-old monkey boy we got running around.) If that's available, take it.

Is that one of the dutch oven/casserole things? They keep putting the vegetable ones on sale! Which is cute but...I don't know if I really want a big tomato pan...

It's a Dutch oven/casserole. We use it for soups/stews for us and rice for the two year old.

I never liked those veggie-shaped ones, either.

Cool! I will watch for it. And maybe I'll think about picking up a plain one if it comes up on sale. Thanks!!

If you can't find either that one or the plain one, you could always try Broadway Panhandler in downtwon NYC (can't remember the address); they always have Le Creuset at some sort of discount.