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what? WHAT?

Toho is going to kill Godzilla. Really and truly kill him off. The last film in the series, Godzilla--Final Wars, will come out in December to celebrate the big G's 50th anniversary. 10 other famous monsters are slated to appear, in it, which is cool, but...you can't kill Godzilla! (Okay, they admit that you can never say die, but state that this is the last Godzilla film from this generation of staffers at Toho). Check out the sad news.


Oh NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Godzilla is my husbands first love and I don't know what he will do when he finds this out!!

Oh sad day. :(

I really liked Godzilla 2000. What's not to like about Godzilla fighting a giant rock? And I was double happy just to see a Toho film in wide release. It more than made up for the insult that was Godzilla 1996. Shudder... I wonder if the G-Fan collective will start a fundraising drive to buy the trademark and finally bring their fan fiction to life.

They missed a good one with the American Godzilla movie. Early, there's a scene where a fishing boat is swamped, and then on TV the only survivor is shown muttering "Gojira .. Gojira .." An announcer comes on and says, "He's referring to Gojira, an ancient Japanese legend .. " It would have been cool if the announcer had said, "He's referring to Gojira, the monster in dozens of films by Toho ..."

Hmm... I didn't read this as G being killed, only the series of movies. Maybe I should reread it.

Almost forgot my recent, almost funny, Godzilla story. I drove down to San Francisco to catch a second run film with a buddy. The previews are playing along- this reprint, that forgien film, another lost but now is found movie. But this next one begins differently. The screen is black where the Toho logo appears center screen. I'm thinking Kurasawa? Monster Movie? The theatre is silent, and the following appears on screen: "Uncut", "Undubbed". Fade out logo, fade in Japanese title, cue sound of Godzilla's cry. Wipe out title, wipe in "Godzilla". I laughed outloud heartily with joy. Then from behind me a woman quietly, matter of factly, comments aloud to whomever she was with "I don't see what was so funny."