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The Subcultures opening Friday was apparently a resounding success! There's coverage in a few places, but the best pics are here. You can see pics of our figs in their display case about 9-10 rows down. I'm a little bummed that we don't have photos and stuff around our display like other figure designers, but ours did get finished right at the last minute. So maybe at the next stop. Rumor has it the show will go to L.A. next and then NYC -- we'll keep you guys posted!

And how about the entire wall of Ugly Dolls? I'd like to take that home!! It all looks great though -- I'm looking forward to (hopefully) seeing the show myself eventually!


Beautiful! I too love the ugly dolls. They actually inspired me to make my own weird stuffed animals. I felt old wool sweaters and then make "animals" out of them. I put animals in quotes because they really are more like monsters with happy cute faces. My last one had two pointy heads. hee.

Hey, miss Sarah...the toys look great. I was showing Amy them and she think the Spyball(?) is her favorite. I like the surf mummy...on a not so cheery note, one of our kitties died today. It was Ginseng. I was at work when Amy called and said that Ginseng was just lying on the floor making these really sad sounds and then he stopped and just died. Amy was very upset when she called so I took off work to drive home and he was dead. We wrapped him up in a blanket and took him to the vet and the vet thinks he may have had a weak heart and it just gave out. He was a baby...only 9 months old. He was always so timid and a few days ago, he crawled into a plastic bag and got stck and freaked out. I got the bag off of him and ever since then, he had been very nervous. Anyway, it's really sad around the ol' apartment right now. We really miss the little bugger. He was my lap kitty and it feels weird to not have him here now. Amy's doing better but she's still very sad. Any luck with Stripesy? Anywho, just thought I could share that with you. I'm sure you understand how it feels. Thanks for listening.

tulip - and why aren't your cute monsteranimals up somewhere for us to look at? I want to see them! I think (Evan thinks also) that one of the reason I love ugly dolls is that I had a nauga doll when I was teeny which I loved, which is, well, kind of an ugly doll. But I loved him anyway. (also, that's a nifty idea to recycle and keep a favorite sweater!)

Vu - I'm so sorry to hear about Ginseng, I know just how you feel. The only thing worse than your pet dying is when it happens out of the blue like that. Poor baby Ginseng. To cheer you up a teensy weensy bit, I'm going to take it upon myself to leak that news that Stripesy...dadum...has reappeared! Evan wants to post about it, so I wasn't going to say anything but he visited us a couple days ago. (We haven't seen him since though, which made me go "was that his ghost coming to say goodbye? where is he?" That's silly of course.) Hopefully we'll see him again soon, and Evan will be posting a full report soon enough.


I found this gig on craigslist, and I wasn't sure if this was something you would be interested in. I've been a fan of yours and Evan's for a number of years now (my wife got me into you guys), and I thought us comic book artists gotta stick together. Anyway, if it's something your interested in, good luck!

Female comic book artist needed for project
Reply to: styles_haaz@hotmail.com
Date: 2004-03-02, 11:44AM EST

I am working on a new comic booko to be independantly published. I need a female inker and illustrator willing to do some work ofr little play in exchange for fifty percent of profit in take.

We are asking for a female because here at Elitrious comics it's all men and we need a new member on board. We are a fun bunch of guys who love what we do and we guarantee that you will enjoy working with us. If interested drop us a line.

Put the word "FEMCOM" in your responce.

Compensation: $20 per page

Rick -- thanks! I have no time right now, but maybe someone else who reads this can use the info! thanks for posting it!

Actually I'm working on getting some good photos of the "monsteranimals"! Actually I might even be on HGTV with them sometime. But that's not certain and I'll keep you posted!