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toys! and they're ours!

We got a photo today of the finished action figures we designed for the Subcultures art show that opens in Ft Lauderdale this weekend. Hopefully we can put a photo up of the whole set asap. They came out so great, I really was totally impressed. Hopefully the exhibit will travel after its run down in FL is over. (With Kid Robot as a sponsor I'm hoping they bring it up here!)

Update!! Got permission to post a photo of the whole set! It's up now at the HOF page!

And I have a small favor -- would a couple people go look at the front page of the HoF site and then comment here to tell me what they see? I need to know what the newest headline is for you in the news section, and if you see the images on the page. We're having some inexplicable problems that I think are somehow, magically confined to any computer Evan touches, but I want to be sure. (No comments on the news page, please, the template went wonky and I have no time to fix it). Thanks guys!!


HOF looks good to me. I can see all the images and the newest headline is: 2004.02.25: Subcultures exhibit opens this Friday! (Feb 27th) [details]

Maybe Evan has that weird virus where his body makes the computer wonk out. ;) I had a girl at one of my jobs like that. Somehow she just touched it and that was all she wrote for that computer!

Hope that helps! :)

From what I see the images are intact and newest headline is about the subcultures exhibit

Considering what you encountered in that knitting message board, are you going to give them a little playfully petty payback by skewering them with a parody comic?

thanks guys! that does help! I think it's just him...Evan has this uncanny ability around technology. To *destroy* it. He discovers new and interesting keystrokes at random all the time that do things like erase whole documents, close open applications without saving, you name it, he manages it.

For some reason, one browser on his computer shows no images, the other won't update the site. Looks fine on mine but I thought I'd better just check.

And it's just him, ha ha!

I don't think I need to be mean to the knitting ladies -- they didn't understand me, I didn't really "get" them and, you know, well enough alone and all that. Actually, now that I know how hip and trendy knitting actually is, I'm surprised there isn't a knitting zine or comic out there yet (not counting online sites, that is). But don't look at me! I got enough to do!! ::hides::

Hey Sara! The front page looks good to me (images and everything).

Are these *WONDERFUL* little figures gonna be in actual production or will they continue to be one-of-a-kind works? Enquiring fanboys wanna know! :)

Christopher, thanks! As for the figures - no plans to produce them right now, but we own the rights to them so who knows?