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loads of stuff

Evan's last journal post pretty much sums up the general feeling around here. So I don't need to go into that.

Extra aaah for me -- I learned yesterday that online message boards really are always the same, whatever the topic. I avoid message boards as a rule, but I had posted on the help/message board for a yarn store to find something out about a yarn I bought. After I had a second question, I didn't want to be one of those rude people who barges in and asks for help and never says anything nice, so I added to an ongoing thread that yes, this one board regular was impressive in the amount of work she got done. Then, I made a fatal error. I used the word "hobby" to describe something that I did. Not that she did, that I did.

Now, to me, a "hobby" is anything that's impractical, expensive, and being done for fun. But to them, it's a loaded danger word, that means "you are putting down women's traditional craft" and the next thing I knew I was now a dismisser of "women's work". Which, if you think about it, is beyond ironic. ('Cause yeah, that's me, puttin' down the women everywhere and tellin' em to do their little hobbies and let the menfolk do the real work.) I tried to explain myself but a discussion of semantics was just not on the agenda. The upshot was, I felt frustrated at being misunderstood; upset that I had obviously really upset some people (whether I meant to or not); aggravated that no-one was considering that hey, maybe to me "hobby" is in no way an insult; and finally just bummed out that because I had opened my mouth and tried to be friendly, I'd now exiled myself from a board I really could have used access to. Oh well. And this, my dears, is why you do not ever see me on message boards. Because the truth is, they're always just social cliques and if you don't fit into them you're really not welcome. Why I forgot that all of a sudden I really don't know.

Speaking of social cliques makes my mind jump to the entire comics industry -- how much does it suck that ˇJournalista! is gone? Obviously, from a publisher's point of view, the Journal is more valuable, but from an industry point of view, ˇJournalista! was way more valuable. If it were my call, I'd shanghai someone to take over right away (hopefully under Dirk's supervision) before someone else picks up the reins and fills that niche. Why let everyone see someone else's ads and links instead of yours?

Also speaking of comics, we've been watching American Chopper ever since my brother visited us in December. We imagine (note I say imagine) that watching that show is the closest fascimile you'll ever get to watching the SLG gang at work. (Although I would only draw one actual person-to-person comparison...can you guess who it is?) Seriously, people love American Chopper so much; I think the Discovery Channel should go to SLG and film a new show -- "American Comics". That would be a riot. The waffles! The karaoke! The bird captures! The (I forgot the name of the big gross sandwich thing)...I think it has major potential.

Before I go, a link or two: this is a nice recent article on the history of Hello Kitty for her 30th birthday. Short, but a few things I hadn't read before. And here's a pretty amusing (Japanese) article on men who read manga in public. Choice quotes: "When I see sober-looking men with their ties laughing at comic books in packed trains in the morning, I feel like leaving the scene." "But it's sad to see them so brazenly reading comics in a public place" and the best one, from an "American expatriate" -- "What really shocked me about coming to Japan was that there were adults openly reading comic books in trains. There aren't any adults in America who do that. Of course there are comic books in the States but they're either for children, or considered trash." When on earth did this guy leave the States, anyway?

And now, back to working on some "trash"...


That manga article reminds me of this old complaint about adults reading Harry Potter: http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/lifeandstyle/articles/6196201?source=Evening%20Standard

I think it's more disturbing that these people are getting so uncomfortable over what adults choose to read. I remember once, about 15 years ago when I worked at Toys-R-Us (the horror), a dude-guy in his twenties came in to return a Nintendo. I asked him what was wrong with it. He siad, very nervously, and rather upset that I should ask, "What? Nothing. I mean, I don't know! I don't play with toys, man. I don't play with toys! Someone gave it to me and it really pissed me off." I then gave him his money back, he put his shades back on, and he jumped into the new corvette he had double parked outside.


"someone gave it to me and it really pissed me off"? that is an absolutely killer line. I'm going to remember that. "Oh, that fruit bowl? Someone gave that to me and it really pissed me off." :D

Yeah, I don't know why anyone cares what anyone else does, frankly, as long as it's not actually intruding on your "space" (okay, if someone was reading Harry Potter out loud on the subway, that could be annoying). I can't imagine getting on the train and going "Oh my god, that man is reading Ayn Rand. I feel sick! I must leave this train!" People is wacky.

loved the hello kitty link. yay for hello kitty.
what "trash" are you working on, out of curiosity?

Joe vs. The Big Bopper!

I still want to eat a sandwich like that.


American Comics.

We must do this.

P.S.: Josh, you most certainly do not want to eat a sandwich like that.

I think we should document the week before Comic-Con. We can have little confessional sessions where we can break down and get all grand-scale weepy. It would be great.

I quite brazenly read my comic books during breaks in my literature classes. I wonder if people are calling me a hussy behind my back. "How can she think she can go to grad school? She reads COMIC BOOKS!"

yay!! American Comics the series!! I so want to see this. You've got to all do the slightly dazed commentary thing too. There need to be some good disasters though....what's the SLG equivalent of a car wreck? (And don't say "a wedding video" either.) Definitely a scene with the hussy EIC, I think ;P

neko -- current "trash" is a Hellboy strip, for the last issue of the Hellboy: Weird Tales series. At the moment Evan is finishing inking and I'm finishing color. Well, on the pages that ARE inked that is.

I hate it when message board people misread something and then jump all over you. Usually they'll still carry the torch on the "slight" because they're to proud to admit that they made a mistake.

Anybody who reads Action Girl would know that you wouldn't diss women's art!

i agree with renee. you ought to go back to the cranky knitting message board and post a link to action girl stuff. give those biddy's what for.

Yeah message board cliques are oh so icky. So I hope no one on this board start opening fire on me for this OT blurb ^_^

from www.animeondvd.com

BBC World Service Tackles Japan (03:52 PM EST): Today's edition of Masterpiece on the BBC World Service radio dealt with Japan. The first two-thirds of the program covered the influence of Japanese cinema on the US such as with The Last Samurai and spent much time talking with directors such as Kyoshi Kurosawa, Takeshi Kitano and others about how Japanese cinema is today, though most of it focused on the violence. The last segment of the program however spent time with the world of anime, or more specifically, just with the upcoming release of Ghost in the Shell: Innocence. The piece has a brief interview with Mamoru Oshii as well as playing the bulk of the main vocal piece from the movie that is truly haunting and making me go find a copy of it right away.

I could have warned you about the touchiness of the knitters. I knit and it's cool but whatever! There is a lot of really really touchy weirdness involved in the knitting people. Lots of defensiveness. Strange.

And I thought it was really funny that the publishers put out different covers for adults in Britain who were embarrassed to be reading Harry Potter on the train. I read a ton of juvenille fiction and I never really thought about it!

That was so funny!!! A lot of times when I am buying games for myself or my husband people will ask me how old our child is. I always just laugh an say 32!

thanks guys ^_^. Yeah, I think the combination of message-board-social-clique creepiness plus the general defensive/weirdness of knitters (which I didn't know about) added up to ick. (and seriously, you are so right, tulip, every knitting board I've seen so far is just...weird! maybe we need to start our own ^_^) Except they shouldn't be masquerading as a help board....;P

michael - thanks for the tip! I found a link to the broadcast here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/programmes/masterpiece.shtml if anyone wants to listen (I'm going to later, no time right now). Sounds awesome!!

ps -- looks like it'll be up until next tuesday, if I'm reading that right.

LOL! Well maybe Debbie Stoller's gang of stitch n' bitchers might have a board of actual people who WANT to be helpful! :)

You can ask me about your yarn question if you want, I might be able to answer it.

If I start a message board up, you can be my first customer!

Is there a message board for the SNB crew? I didn't even know! I did get my question answered before the brouhaha, luckily. But thanks. ^_^

and okay, when you start your no-drama knitting community, just lmk! ^_^

That yarn board sounds pretty pathetic. On the other hand, it kind of makes me feel better, because I thought only comics/sci-fi nerds got worked up like that. Oy.

I wanted to see if I could find that message board -- I love trouble -- so I put "yarn hobby women's work" into Google, and was surprised to see Sarah's page turn up as hit #4 .. the main hit was this page
which uses the word "hobby" so many times, your head would spin if you cared about such things. ..

that is odd! didn't happen for me though. I must say, the google results I got indicate that most people DO use the word "hobby" though.

that article kind of shows where the problem comes from, I think, by actually classifying the different "kinds" of knitters (these girls aren't like those dilettantes! they've been knitting for at least 2 years!), who are probably all in conflict. It reminds me of the old "prove your cred" punk rock arguments. ::insert big ol' eyeroll here:: Honestly, I had no idea knitting could be so...controversial! Until Tulip starts her knitting community I'm just keeping to myself ^_^

In general, I think most people -- especially on the internet -- get worked up over whatever their "thing" is. Human nature, I guess.

Well I did find this:


it's more of a knitting blog but (so far) the people seem friendly! They are based in Atlanta, like me, but I'm sure they would be happy to answer questions from anywhere!

I actually think I might start up a message board. I've got moveabletype and some time on my hands! So I'll let you know when it's up!

thumbs up from me! ^_^