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news you can use

I keep forgetting to mention this (and Evan hasn't been online at all to post about it) but I've redesigned the front page of the House of Fun, including a nifty little news service thing. Watch there for announcements, shipping info, etc. You can also syndicate it so you don't even have to keep checking the front page. There was news posted just today, in fact!! More revamping this year as we're able to squeeze it in.


I cant read your site. Everythings tiny.
What happend!
Any whoooooooo. Here some Hello Kitty Pez Dispensers for you to look at.


I like the the updated site. Spiffy.

This site? Or the HOF? And what browser? I checked it in a couple but...

Ooh....nice pez...I bet one of the pez places in canada has those!!

and thanks!! ^_^

The site looks great! :) Thanks for all the HK stuff! It's one of my goals to actually hit a store in Japan before I die. They even made an appearance in the new William Gibson novel Pattern Recognition. In a very understated and cool way.

And don't worry about yesterday, we can ALL be pushed to our limit by trollishness. Sometimes it's really hard to be the bigger person.

Hugs and I won't forget you in October!

Thanks!! Yeah...it was a lapse, but we all have them...

Have you ever seen a magazine called Kitty Goods? It's published in Japan and well, is just a big giant catalog of...Kitty Goods. (Not just Kitty, other sanrio too.) It's pretty amazing. I especially like when they feature HK restuarants and show all the different foods they make shaped like Kitty.

If you've got access to a Japanese bookstore, they often have it. (I get mine at Kinokuniya)

Um...and on Kitty Goods...if you're going to buy any on ebay...if you email me I'll tell you which ones I'm trying to get so we don't bid each other up...^_^

If you only have one store to hit in Japan..
make it the Takashimaya on the Ginza. Spiritually, I am still there, somewhere in the toy section. (Sometimes downstairs in the food court.)

What happened in this troll thing?

Considering some of your current projects, these articles might be of interest to you (the Time one even has a pic of Sana from Kodocha):

here's a bit from http://www.icv2.com/articles/news/4207.html

Manga Market Skyrockets in 03
Anime Up 10-20%
February 04, 2004

Issue #5 of the ICv2 Retailers Guide to Anime/Manga, just released through distributors, is the annual market report issue, and we are happy to report that both the manga and anime markets experienced robust growth in 2003. Starting from smaller numbers, the manga market was the fastest growing area of pop culture last year, with 75-100% growth to an estimated market size of around $100 million at retail. The key demographic group in this growth was females, who are primarily shopping for manga at bookstores. Looking ahead at 2004, we see continued rapid growth in the number of releases; whether the number of consumers will grow at the same pace is harder to predict...

etc, etc, etc and here's some bits
from the Time article at

Finally, girls are getting their comics back. Having been abandoned by most U.S. comic publishers several decades ago, American girl comic readers have started voraciously consuming shojo manga, the Japanese comics genre targeted to young females.

Printed as cheap, multivolume paperbacks and sold at major bookstores, manga have ignited graphic-novel sales around the world. In the U.S. last year manga racked up some $100 million, almost double 2002's sales, according to ICv2, a pop-culture trade publication. The two dominant U.S. publishers of manga, TOKYOPOP and VIZ, will ramp up their 2004 title count to more than 300 between them. Later this year DC Comics plans to launch a manga imprint called CMX.

Shojo manga are a big part of that boom. Mostly written and drawn by women, shojo usually put cute, strong-willed 13 to 16 year old girls at their center. The stories typically focus on relationships and romance, but often also include adventures in magical worlds outside the humdrum realities of school and home. Mecca Moore, 13, of Los Angeles, buys manga every week and claims to spend $1,000 a year on the stuff. She says she likes shojo because, "They tell a story in art that makes a person have a special connection. You can actually feel what the character's feeling and see what the character's thinking."....

I'll keep an eye out for you on Ebay! My name is : tuliptoe so worry not! And thanks for the heads up!

Michael -- wow, thanks for the link! Evan read me the shorter version in the magazine and I don't remember any mention of Kodocha. Pretty cool!!

You're welcome, the pic and tiny blurb for Kodocha was in the Time article which goes into some pretty good detail (I only took the first half). The guy did make a goof when he talked about Gravitation and the shoujo-ai genre (at least I think he did-it was something you covered in your previous posts)