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they've gone mad!

Got my sanrio update email (if you don't get it yourself, it's called the "Hello Kitty's Sweet Happy News", which shoudl tell you something right there), and I think they've totally flipped at Sanrio. Never mind the bike, or the sars mask or the $300 handbag...they've gone and named a series "Hello Kitty Rollergirl". Um...did any of them actually see Boogie Nights? And then, the ultimate...a line called "Girly Pink". Huh?

Maybe I'm just being picky. I am still annoyed over the whole Baby Cinnamon thing, after all...don't worry Kitty, I still love you! I just love Gloomy Bear more. And Pucca. And Ugly Dolls (Ice Bat rules!).

If anyone stopped by today, I apologize for my lapse in judgement/troll-feeding episode. I know better and I plead guilty. It's been a tiring and stressful weekend (lost hours of work on the hellboy strip yesterday and I've just only really caught up) and I shouldn't have logged in even to post a quick update. Why someone feels the need to anonymously post snotty comments I don't know, but I should be capable of remembering to take the high road.


Kind of interesting little blurb I found through www.gamefaqs.com

Women over 40: the hardest-core online gamers?

AOL study shows middle-aged females spend the most time playing on the Web.

Internet service provider AOL, once-parent and now-child of multimedia multinational Time Warner, released a study yesterday about the demographics of overall online gaming. According to the study, women over the age of 40 spend the most time of any demographic group playing games online.

AOL said women over the age of 40 spend nearly 50 percent more time each week playing online games than men, and play online games on a daily basis more often than men or younger gamers. The fortysomethings' genre of choice was puzzle and word games, and their favorite time to play was between Midnight and 5 a.m.

Another finding was 44 percent of the 40-plus women surveyed often forwent reading, exercise, and watching TV or movies in order to play games. Of those women who forged new friendships while playing, 20 percent said their friendships extended into the offline world.

You know, I saw the headline but I didn't read the story when I realized it was about online games. What are all these women doing up that late anyway?! And they skip reading, exercising, and tv? These women are hardcore...

The Hello Kitty SARS mask just may be the funniest thing I've seen in months. My day really needed that. Thanks Sarah!

The really funny thing about the sars mask is that I just saw some article about the 30th anniversary of HK, and the reporter was saying that things like the masks ad other "adult" items (and I don't mean that in the XXX way although I'm sure they were including that stuff) were all bootleg. But no, it's right on their site!
And you're welcome ^_^