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okay, it's not timely, but...

I forgot this, and will definitely forget it before next Halloween, so I'm going to tell you anyway how horrified I was to see Better Homes & Gardens suggest that a really good "treat" for Halloween trick-or-treaters was....string cheese. At room temperature. I kid you not! That tidbit should have come with a suggestion for cleaning all the eggs off your house the next morning.

In House-of-Fun news, things are chugging along okay. Evan's still not sleeping well but the work is getting done. We just turned in a little job for Nickelodeon magazine that everyone was happy with (us and them), and we're both deep into separate projects right and then we'll be creeping close to being caught up. However, this whole "catching up on our work" concept has been seriously impaired by a $19.99 copy of Kingdom Hearts, so we'll have to see what happens. Not to mention the holiday season is just about upon us.

Here's another bit of time-wasting fun: the Ikea kitchen planner (PC only). I am too forgetful (i.e. lazy) to actually go measure our kitchen and make this program useful, but it's still a lot of fun anyway. And it's free, so who cares if it gets old fast?