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some things that crack me up

1. How Evan always says "You're listening to Tricky, aren't you? I can tell...because it's scary..."

2. My dad calling to berate me every day that we haven't watched the new episode of Carnivàle because he wants to talk about it.

3. Kraft's downloadable batman stencil.

Something that's funny but not in the same way: this whole Comp-gate thing. And what's not so funny, and what no-one seems to realize, is that it does matter that D.C. editors are likely to stop picking up indie comics now. How do you think all these small press creators have been getting jobs at D.C.? (Okay, not all the editors rely on their free trade to keep up who's out there, but you know a lot of them must...) And as Evan said, isn't anyone at D.C. (i.e. at the top level) embarassed that their own employees don't want to keep their books? I mean, according to the story, they're not even keeping the archives and collections...

Anyway. Just finished up Snow Drop volume 3, I wish I could go into 4 next but I have to switch back and forth between the two books to keep to their schedule.

Miscellaneous silly link of the day: Be your own Andy Warhol!


If there are so many DC staffers looking to unload free Archives books, they're welcome to to send 'em to my house. I can't offer them credit or merchandise, but I'll be sure to say "thank you." That should count for something, right?

Wow. What a tempest! I agree with you on the not getting freelancers jobs issue.
And I also agree with Evan on what is up with the employees not wanting to keep their own books?? Seems kind of odd.

And another thing...because so much "credit" was being spent on indie books, now Hanley's will have to cut their orders on said indie books across the board. Significantly in some cases, is what we hear. The whole thing is just...well, kind of ridiculous. But that's what happens when things get our of hand (and when someone doesn't know how to keep their mouth shut about a free ride...)

Man, you need to keep up on Carnivale. I hate watching tv shows most of the time, but I am compelled to try to keep up with this one. I don't even get it at home, I have to go to someone else's house to watch it.
Not having someone to talk about it with would indeed suck. I feel for your pops, you abuser.

Oh shut it, Chynna! ^_^ I'm only one episode behind. Actually, he and my stepmom were here Sunday and we were all sitting around talking about it at one point. Never in my LIFE did I think I'd sit around discussing a tv show.