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Wesley Clark

That man made me spit raisin bran!! And to think I nearly missed this because I don't watch MTV...check out the Democratic candidates' Rock The Vote videos for yourself! Some props due to Dean's team as well, who put together a pretty quick and simple message with a well-chosen song (as in, compared to the Kucinich or Lieberman clips...). And dig the total cheese of the Kucinich video....yowch. (I'd pick on everyone else's videos too but I have to get back to work.)


What the?! I'm very surprised to say that the Reverand's video had the most impact on me! Am now a Sharpton devotee and will hunger strike against Florida.



Sharpton's video was so...bad NY ctv PSA. The worst is Carol Moseley Braun's, which actually cuts her off mid-word! Way to go, a/v squad!