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Monkey Brains Move Robot Arms, and I'm not talking about a new Kochalka series, I mean seriously, monkey brains moving robot arms. Very cool.


Thats pretty damn cool, untill the monkeys start to take over, and with giant robot bodies, it's more than possible now.


All it takes to put those monkey-controlled giant robots in their place is a giant electromagnetic banana.

I have one. Do you?

No I don't...

Stolen by Gypsies.....
I am defenseless.

Whew!! Thanks for pointing that out, Coop. Although, I kind of think the monkey-controlled robots could do a perfectly good job compared to most of the people running the world.

Monkeys...robots...monkey robots! When will man learn to stop playing God? Oh well. Today I had to "formen grupos" in Spanish and I thought of you, so Hi.I have to go attach a blender to a squirrel now.

and just what do you think we are?

i cat in room on mom

Considering the flock of pathetic nitwits the Democrats are offering as candidates for Prez so far, I may join Sarah in endorsing the Monkey-Controlled Robot ticket in 2004.

yeah it seems the world of science and tech has moved another few notches (similar technology to the monkey thing has enabled an experimental group of blind people to "see" flashing lights aimed at their hookups). Also Mr. Taikonaut has returned from outer space. It'd be nice to have an attempt to land on the moon in the future and possibly a joint venture between Europe, China and North America to go to Mars.