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at last

A post that isn't about porn spam...(by the way, that book I've been reading, Men Can Take It? It's about fashion, it's not porn. Sure sounds like it though...)

Happy birthday to Josh Sullivan, and belated birthday wishes to Todd Webb, and birthday wishes to everyone else born this month because everyone born in October RULZ like me. Sorry, teen moment there.

We've discovered accidentally that our completely spazzy TV works just fine if you leave it on 24 hours a day. That's not good, but at least it does make it work. We're going to be trying turning it on an hour or two before we want to watch anything from now on. Sure beats having to smack it with various books (Evan already destroyed the new Yellow Pages by whacking the TV with it).

Big excitement in my life: I learned how to wind yarn into nice balls like in an old kid's book. If I ever had a day and a half to finish the templates for my projects/DIY section, I could talk about it there...

I've also learned that the air that is trapped inside hot water radiators, especially when you haven't bled them in 3 years because you're an idiot, really smells horrible. Kids! Bleed those radiators 3 times a year like you're supposed to! I swear, I nearly knocked myself out.

And finally, uh, I just got totally distracted googling images...so I have no idea what I was going to say. Maybe I'll remember tomorrow!


wow wow wow! Thank you so much Sarah...you even beat my mom to the punch who calls me at 11:38am each year on this day to remind me that's the time I was born.

I'm honored to have been mentioned on Jinjur twice now.


Dunno how's the video game playing these days but check out this
interesting article