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what's been up

(or; I'm feeling very parenthetical today) So things have been wackier than usual around here (at least someone got that porn spammer shut down)...

we had this terrific (in the bad sense) wind storm that lasted well over 24 hours (you may have heard mention of it if you read any of the articles about the ferry disaster here—by the way, thanks to all of you who checked on us, that was very sweet!) and it ripped about half of the very tall (3 stories) pear tree in our back yard off and threw it across our back fence so that most of it was lying in the neighbors' back yard. When I found out I couldn't even get anyone to look at it for at least 4 or 5 days, we decided to tackle the problem ourselves, and with the help of the neighbor lady (she's very nice, but her english is so bad I still have no idea what her name is) we actually got the whole tree cut up and stacked by the side of the house. Of course, I still have to have the tree looked at to see if it can be saved; and we've still got all these huge branches that need to be cut down to allowable length and bundled up to be put out. But there went that day...

the next day of course we were so stiff and achy it wasn't funny. Than as if that wasn't enough, our stoopid tv finally went and died. Completely, never-coming-back-from-the-dead-even-as-a-zombie died. (What would a zombie tv be like?) After weighing our options (and realizing that the selection of tvs at the salvation army was just too, TOO depressing and crappy) we drove out to circuit city, found a nice 27" for $200, brought it home and hooked it up...and it was defective. All the way back out, had to deal with an exchange, forced them to hook the new one up to make sure it worked (and got to endure the saleslady's nonsense "Did you put it near a magnet?" "Yes, I am an idiot, I have never used a tv before and I put magnets all over it.") She was really nasty, I can only assume that somehow she felt selling a defective tv reflected badly on her...which is silly but...anyway, we finally have a working tv but there went that day.

And my biggest gripe is that all this nonsense ruined our attempts at doing something for my birthday. Phooey. I did however, get very swell presents and I ate all the things on our favorite chinese place's menu that are bad for me. Heheheh.

Oh! And the one really bright moment in all this...we are 99% positive we have spotted the missing kitten, Dot, who we thought was dead! She was one of the last two kittens that the infamous feral Little Girl had—both kittens vanished in a storm, but one turned up a few days later, and is now the famous Mr. Mullins. The other one, who we called Dot, never showed up. But last night, two small cats came out of the shrubbery of the abandoned house across the street and we actually slammed the car to a stop and went, "Oh my god, it's Dot!" Her face looked just like her mom's, and her dot pattern was unmistakable. (By the way, we don't actually know she's a girl.) So, that was exciting. If we can definitely be sure those cats have settled into that house/yard, we might get the feral colony management people to come out and at least get them all vaxed and fixed. But who knows if that's really where they're living? We were just happy to see her.


Hey Sarah, happy birthday!

-joshy wash-ee jah-shy (or whatever the hell Evan wrote on that one art)-

Thanks Joshee-Woshee! ^_^ (I have no idea how he spelled it)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH! hope it was a fun one - sounds like it was :-)

Happy Birthday. What day was it? Mine was the 17th. Good Luck findin' them kitties.

thanks again, guys! It was the 18th. Best of all, I still have birthday money to spend....and I refuse to spend it on that tree, either!!

All the best people have their birthdays in October. If I'd known yours was on the 18th I would have hoisted a tall cool Sprite and watched "Milennium Actress" in your honor. (I did those things though.)

I love the fact that you're stoked on stray cats. And that a broken teevee is a crisis. You're good people, Sarah D.

Happy Birthday!
I am so glad you guys are ok.
Big yeahs on finding Dot! :) We are happy to hear that.
I actually had someone who put magnets all over their computer case when I was working support. Crazy.
I will put a hex on the mean Circuit City people for you as a birthday gift.

Happy (better late than never!) Birthday Sarah!!! Hope you had all sorts of good Chinese food and got a ton of great presents!!!

Great news about Dot the kitty!

So, I take it that the new(er) TV works OK? Don'tcha just love the nice people at Stupid, um, Circuit City??