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double grr

The porn spam is apparently hitting almost everyone who runs MT. At least I'm not alone. A few moments following links shows that it's everywhere right now. Most ironic thing I found; a blog entry about how someone had just implented something to stop the comment spam...which had two porn spam comments below. Yeesh!! For heaven's sake, I hope not to waste much more time on this. Hopefully my next post will have, I dunno, actual content and meaning...


Sorry about the spamming thing!
I came over to let you know that you had a little shout out on Adult Swim tonight. The cards between the shows that they do had a little thing about how they usually screw up outside script work for the show & the next card was [Just ask Evan & Sara]. hee.
Do they tell you guys about that sort of stuff?
We laughed quietly to ourselves! :)
Hope you are well!

Wow, no, we never hear about that stuff! (Half the time when we ask someone at the network when we hear about these things they don't know about them either...I don't know how so much gets done without anyone really knowing what's going on sometimes!)
Although I'd have to say usually they didn't screw up our stuff, they didn't rewrite at all. Unless of course they were showing Art Show...ugh, that thing shouldn't even have our names on it. Blechhh...