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wonder woman sighting

So, here in NYC we have these Metro channels on the cable systems, for NYC-specific programming, and one of them is showing the 2004 collections for 52 days (!) straight. If I'm downstairs going through mail or reading the paper or something, I've been putting it on as my background noise, and catching some of it now and then. (Okay, boring, but I'm just letting you know what on earth I'm talking about here!) So last night, I have it on while I wait for Evan to come downstairs for dinner, and this one show starts and the whole collection is based on Wonder Woman (the Linda Carter incarnation). I mean, really based on WW. The models are wearing red boots with white stripes and big gold cuffs. The clothes are mostly red, white and blue, with things like blue dresses with white stars in the skirt. There are even models in swimsuits that look like badly designed alternate WW costumes (one outfit looked just like a swimsuit version of the red Wonder Girl jumpsuit). They played the theme from the TV show. And, they had fabric printed with WW in a ton of the outfits. The whole thing was really surreal and...weird...(and probably infringing). Once again proving that these characters have an iconic life that goes so far beyond the comics. (I tried to find images online from the collection, Liz Collins Spring 2004, but no dice). I don't know what that all means, but it was weird enough that I felt I had to share.

In other news, I scored big yesterday, we stopped by the salvation army and someone had just dumped a collection of cookbooks! I found some amazing vintage books, and there were tons more that I left behind. And there were some amazing 50s women's eyeglass frames, I picked up a mother-of-pearl pair that hopefully I can get good lenses put into eventually. It's so rare that any of our local thrift shops have anything I'd bring into my house.

update: well, I'll be damned. Literally hours ago, no shots of the Liz Collins WW stuff, but now it's all up! Check the whole line out here; or see top examples here, here and here. (If you check out all the photos, dig how the show started off with the "Diana Prince" outfits…that last girl undid her hair, tossed her glasses and spun around, tossing off her outfit to reveal one of the WW-like swimsuits!)


I'm so glad you posted this! They did some story on her and the music for her show on NPR a few weeks ago and I couldn't remember her name to save my life!
Thanks for the link! How weird. In the report she just was talking about how WW was such a great role model and how she like the empowerment aspects of WW. I didn't think she meant that the whole line was going to be so "costume-y".

Yeah, no kidding, the whole line is like dress-up clothes! I have to confess, the kid in me liked the blue dress with the stars, sort of like grown-up underoos or something. But I can't see really wearing any of that stuff (outside a comic convention of course!! ^_^)


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