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old news...

Loads of work and family stuff has kept us both away from our computers (for non-work purposes that is) so here's a couple things I'd like to touch on before any more time goes by:

SPX: been rehashed to death, pretty much, so all I'll say is that all that made that show stand out for me was the social aspect of the picnic, otherwise, it's just another small press show—it wasn't the first, and it won't be the last, but it was the only one with an actual get-together for creators. On a personal level, we weren't too affected by the lack of attendees, we did pretty well and we had primarily gone because we hadn't met up with Dan Vado in person in something like 3 years. We had a great time hanging out with the SLG posse, who hopefully we'll see before another 3 years go by. It was also great, as always, to see new stuff from Todd Webb, who just gets more and more amazing as time goes by (and is a sweetheart to boot). And we had a great time meeting super-hyper cartoonist, Josh Sullivan, who we are adopting. (See his SPX report, it's way more informative than this.) Saw plenty of other swell folks and got a load of minis which we haven't gone through yet, but I know Evan wants to write about it so I won't steal any more of his thunder.

Another note about SPX, or really about MoCCA—I saw somewhere, although I cannot remember where, someone questioning whether there was room for two "art comic" shows on the East coast, and I wanted to just point out that the difference is that MoCCA is not an "art" comic show, it's a comic art show, and there is a difference. There's an inclusiveness to MoCCA that SPX definitely does not have, and we know several people who don't feel welcome at SPX and will never get a table there that have gone to MoCCA and done fantastically. And there's a social aspect to SPX that a show held in NYC could never pull off. They're really different kinds of shows altogether, and I don't think SPX's fortunes rise and fall on the success of MoCCA, I think what happens to SPX is entirely in the hands of the organizers. There's no reason they couldn't both succeed and continue indefinitely.

Whoops, Evan just pointed out a possible factual error in something I was posting. Deleted that just in time. I will check my facts and get back to you all on that one.

On a completely unrelated subject, via scrubbles comes a link to the STC fontbrowser which can show you every single font you have installed and lets you view them. Awesome! I have 432 fonts installed. That is way too many.

Anyway, starting on DNAngel today, and hopefully it'll be as much fun as I'm hoping. See you all soon(er)!


Oh wow, thank you so much Sarah! I totally forgot about the mentions about strippers by my wacky dad.

I bet you two miss me a lot...ha ha ha.


Oh my god, I have 894 fonts active on this system. I think it's time to install ATM. I knew I was a font whore but that is amazing! Thanks for the link.

hey sarah!
as always, fun to see you and evan! glad we got to hang out a bit - you guys made josh's year i think :-) i'll mail you guys some new minis soon - stay in touch! yer pal,