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I'm having incredible trouble getting my mind into work mode today. Partly because of stress, partly because of the obnoxious music the neighbors decided to play today1, partly because monkey boy Evan is having trouble working and so keeps wandering around the house distractedly (and distractingly)2, and partly because the ikea chair I sit on has been on its last legs for well over a month now. Some of you may remember, I used to sit on an exercise ball instead of a chair, but it had two big problems―it was in a stabilizing base that wouldn't allow you to shift around and allowed it to get knocked all over the room; and the cats destroyed two of them. Yesterday I found a brand new office chair that incorporates an exercise ball and today I ordered it. Hopefully it'll work out, and hopefully I'll work!

1 I have mentioned this lovely habit of theirs before; it's not just ear-splitting loud, it's not just a style of music I don't care for (super-cheesy "hip-hop"), it's not just in Albanian…it's that they play the same songs over and over and over. For hours.

2 Actually, for those of you who read his journal, things are pulling together slowly but surely. And a PS for you―I know where the Hectic Planet files are and if something happens and the end doesn't get told―I'll let you know how it all turned out. And what the secret of the TANC is.


Get your self some Tuba Music, crank it up and just have a good ole fashion music war.

our next-door neighbours like to blast a local classic rock station very loud during the summer. they've got outdoor speakers, too (as we have, but we don't abuse them). the thing with this station is, even with the plethora of things that seem to fall under the general rubric of "classic rock," they only seem to play a select handful of songs, which repeat every couple of hours or so. thusly, i can't tell you how many times i've threatened something or someone around me with death if i hear Steven Tyler caterwauling "Walk This Way" *one more time*. aieee.

anyrate, here's another distraction for you: i've FINALLY gotten around to posting up my pumpkin soup recipe. http://www.kerfuffle.org/spoonlicking/ . haven't made a batch of it yet this year, but it'll come this week or next. i did make a really great pumpkin cheesecake yesterday because my sister was allegedly coming over, but she turned out not to be able to---so more cake for us! :)

Hi Sarah, when you mentioned obnoxious music this came to mind; http://www.veer.com/ideas/move/

It's the Junior Senior video. Well hope you enjoy it like Chris and I have.

Well, I can't go to music war with these people, they may or may not be related to the other Albanians on the block who deal guns...

Janaki, finally the pumpkin soup! I will check that out soonest! And yeah, it's definitely the repetition that kills me...luckily it's turning cold fast.

And Joe, would you believe we were at dinner w/ some friends from CA last week and they mentioned, yes JUNIOR SENIOR!! I will have to go look at that and make Evan watch it too...

I know this might sound corny, but one of those white noise generators (similar to a waterfall/running water sounds) in your studio really does distract (in the right way) from really nasty neighbors with not so good manners. Hey, Tell "The Monkey Boy" that I liked the last issue of "The Thing" and I liked that little haunted Dog Bones Story he wrote.