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okay, that sucked, but...

…it could have been a lot worse. Our power was on by the time we woke up; internet access was down a lot longer (just got back on a little bit ago). Rolling blackouts are threatened but so far so good. The good news: we were pretty well prepared (had flashlight, batteries, transistor radio, corded phone etc and knew where everything was); the bad news: we should have been even better prepared (plenty of batteries for the radio, NO extra batteries for the flashlight!). The other bad (if completely petty and personal) news—the highly touted "jet-black sky" last night was not a reality here, it was hazy and there was still enough ambient light to make the sky semi-lit, although certainly not as much as usual. We did get to see a lot of stars for once, but I wish we could have seen more. Anyway. Just wanted to let you all know we're fine, Evan was on his way home but wasn't too far and made it safely back. Who knows if power and internet connection will be stable all weekend, we'll see. A side note: Sorry is a great game to play by candlelight, you don't need to see much of anything. However, it's not a great game if you're Evan, who lost lost lost all night long. Ha!!


Glad you are both safe!
Props to your mad Sorry skills! :) I always had a love/hate relationship to that game as a child. My brother had the mad skills as well. ;)

Good to hear that you guys came out alright. My sister was in Toronto when the power blew out. She was at a movie theater so when everything went, she found her way out of there by cracking her shins against practically every seat in the aisle. At least the theater gave everyone a refund since the show didn't even get past the commercials

One time, my friends and I went to the movies during a thunder storm. I can't remember the movie, but we could hear the thunder inside the theater. The power went out about 15 minutes before the movie was over and they gave us a refund. Woohoo! (But I just waited to see the end when it came out on video)
Didja see Mars while the lights were out? It's supposed to be the closest it's been in 6000 years (or someting like that).