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the usual quick note

Just checking in to say "hi" and let you all know that as usual we are hard at work, right now we're just attempting to get caught up enough to actually take our anniversary off (something we didn't do last year!). I'm finishing up volume one of my new Tokyopop book, not manga but manhwa (spelling varies depending on who you talk to, so don't pick on me if you spell it manwha, manwah or however). It's a series called Snow Drop, by Choi Kyung-Ah. Very shoujo, think a little Peach Girl plus a little Paradise Kiss, with, unsurprisingly, quite a bit of I.N.V.U.. So far I'm enjoying it quite a bit. I'll be starting a second book for them soon, but until the acquisition is announced I can't talk about it.

In other news…Boom Selection is back!! It was surprising enough when I actually got the CD set from the dr. a while back after waiting well over a year (although actually, it'd already been replaced by one of his confederates), and now this! Boom Selection was always the place to go to find out which of the new mashups were quality, and while this return is probably only temporary, I'm glad to see it up and running again. With a nice healthy selection of the dr's recommendations to boot (no pun intended, thank you). Do yourself a favor and swing by before he vanishes again.


Apropos of absolutely nothing, my wife and I send greetings and thank you for the joy you and Evan have given us over the years.
We're going out to watch the Perseid Meteor Showers now, but just wanted you both to know that we dig you!
Brad and Becky in Baltimore


I'm pretty sure you wrote about the new Game Boy in an earlier post. Just thought you would like to see this.