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whew and whew again

Things are so hectic I actually printed out my schedule for the next two months for us to go over and and—what's the word, reconcile?—with Evan's schedule. That's just so…business-y. Ugh. Anyway, a few bits of our hectic life I need to tell you about:

We are totally confirmed for SPX, we will be there Saturday & Sunday, as well as part of Friday.

I am going to be doing several panels at the Big Apple Anime Fest next weekend, this was all just finally confirmed a few days ago. I will not be doing the Sunday panel they have me down for, however, just the three on Friday and the one on Saturday.

The reason I won't be there on Sunday is that I will be starting another job for Tokyopop, volume one of DNAngel. (And I will have just finished volume two of Snow Drop which I am so far enjoying.) I haven't had a chance to look over the DNAngel stuff much yet but the idea really appealed to me; and Evan's flipped through the manga and he says he thinks I'll really like it.

In silly news, Sanrio has renamed Baby Cinnamon to Cinnamaroll, and I do not like it. I don't know why, but I just can't stand "Cinnamaroll". What was wrong with "Baby Cinnamon"?


What??!! How weird that they changed the name. I like Baby Cinnamon better too. I have been gravitating towards the Korean Sanrio-y stuff. Kogepan & Pucca Girl are my new favorites.

I'm with you all the way!! I think a lot of the non-Sanrio stuff has been getting really good in the last few years (while Sanrio has often slipped into this very mainstream design thing). I looove pucca, Evan's been gifting me with Pucca for a while now. My handbag & wallet are pucca, and there are pucca stickers on my phone and PDA...Have you seen all the cartoons? I think I blogged them a while back...kogepan also gets the big thumbs up from us, although I think we don't have kogepan stuff. You know who I like that I never find? Dalki, the girl with the strawberry head. well, that was pretty stream-of-sanrio-consciousness, wasn't it? ^_^

Congratulations on getting another Tokyopop project. The only thing I heard about DNAngel was that there was an anime version and it was about a institution that involved psychics (kinda X/1999ish?)

Man, Johnny Cash got jobbed at the MTV awards and by Justin Timberlake of all folks. Ah well, the fix was in from the start and at least Timberlake was good enough to acknowledge Hurt as the better video. Hurt was simply a fantastic video and Cash put out a top-notch, soulful rendition of it. It was cool of Cash to have done remakes of Hurt and other songs. While a lot of punk and post-punk bands have respect for country only Johnny Cash and a few others have any respect back.

Del Rey has acquired Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles and XXXoholic from CLAMP through the Kodansha/Random House deal. The interesting thing is that these two titles have only been out for a few months with only 1 graphic novel so far.

Any chance you'll score some work for Del Rey

Johnny Cash so totally got robbed. I was going to post about how I tivoed the VMAs and watched the entire thing in about 20 minutes, but I just don't really care. That video is so ammzing. But I wasn't really that surprised to see him snubbed.
As far as Del Rey goes, I'd love to do some work for them. But I don't even know if they're using the tranlator/adaptor system, or have any contacts there. So I doubt it would happen...