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breaking news...

Looks like we will be going to SPX after all! We'll be sitting at the Slave Labor tables when we do sit, more info forthcoming.


i'm guessing not, since you haven't mentioned it, but there's no chance you'll be in Chicago this weekend at WizardWorld, since Tokyopop's going to be there...is there?

Nope, sorry...we don't exactly have Chicago high on our lists of conventions to return to (not that they'd invite us anyway). I *may* be appearing at a manga-related con soon, however, but I can't talk about that yet....if it happens I'll let you all know!

yeah, i don't blame you---i know our con has gone quite a bit downhill since it got, er, occupied by a particular faction? XD although i know there are good reasons for it, am sorry we'll never get the privilege of SLG being here again.

will keep an eye out for any info you post up, then---hopefully it'll be a con i can attend! :)

Looks like Studio Ghibli is hiring,
this was from Sequential Tart's forum:

Calling all 18-to-25-year-old Japanese-speaking aspiring animators.

Studio Ghibli is hiring in the areas of animation, background art, and finishing (digital painting). Gender, school education, experience and nationality are not considered, but it is necessary to have strong Japanese language skills to communicate with the staff.

The announced starting salary is 167,000 yen (US$1,401.13) per month plus travel expenses, a nine-month training period nine months from April 2004, working hours 10am to 6pm with overtime, and holidays.

Interested? Applications close September 8th, 2003, for animation and ten days later for background and finishing. Further details are available from the Studio Ghibli website (Japanese).