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drips and drabs

Some of the links I've been bookmarking to pass along here…

The Hulk's Monster Willy—see just what is under those purple shorts!

In Japan, hats are coming back—good news for me if this translates to the US, as I'm under doctor's orders to wear hats anytime I spend a good length of time outdoors. I have yet to actually buy any hats, however, because for the most part they all stink.

Seasonal bento designs, with complete instructions. Babelfish translations are not too shabby!! (see example, if the link keeps working). These all feature the company's product, which I can only guess is something along the lines of vienna sausages.

And also from Japan, my favorite quote from a politician this month—after saying that the parents of the "Nagasaki monster" (a 12-year-old who assualted and murdered a 4-year-old early this month) should be beheaded and dragged through the streets, he excused himself by saying, "I merely talked in parables because I like Toei Co. movies," apparently meaning their samurai dramas.

In comics news, a friend turned me on to this very cool site where you can find all sorts of magazine articles archived online, and they have last month's Better Homes and Gardens' comic article. I don't actually remember if it was all that good, but I doubt most of you read BH&G so I thought I'd point it out. (Oh, yeah, just skimmed it, and the point of the article was very positive. Unfortunately, most of the recommendations and so on totally ignore what kids actually seem to like these days. Some of the recommended books are actually very interesting, but once again, the industry wants to pretend that manga doesn't exist…do they think it's just going to go away if they keep ignoring it?) And there's a million articles on comics I haven't even begun to look through. (Okay, 126025.) Most fascinating are the weird articles you can turn up in business magazines on various companies' funding, results, and so on. I was hoping I could find this week's Variety article on DC vs Marvel in Hollywood, but it's not up yet. It's pretty fascinating, in a sort of "oh, jeez, why do comics always come off so dopey" way.

One final note, for those of you that have been asking; I am about to start one new book at Tokyopop and will be doing another, as soon as they announce they've got the properties I'll let you all know the details. I think the first one will be coming out by the end of this year.

P.S. Here's what I hate: finding glaring typos hours and hours after publishing an entry. Grrrr.


Finally-- another halfway "normal" (???) person UNDER THE AGE OF A ZILLION who actually reads "BH&G"!!
(My dad got it as a freebie for opening a bank account so he sends it to Becky, my wife.)
I was bored one day, just browsed it (only for the articles, mind you...) and now I'm hooked.
Don't tell any hipsters about my less-than-zero street cred.
Brad in Baltimore