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quick bits

Mullins' new mom Branden is in a really cool art show this month, "Woodland Creatures From Outer Space". I wanted to be in it too, but with what time was I going to get anything done? Sheesh. See more of Branden's work here.

Highly annoying event of the weekend: buying an expensive art book that was defaced in production. Yay. Not only is it stupid and wretched, it's disrespectful to the artist, and now, the only English edition is annoying. Did I say annoying enough?

Best event of the weekend (okay, I'm counting Monday): getting the new DVR box from the cable company. It does almost everything that tivo does, but it's just part of the cable box. It doesn't make suggestions or any of that stuff but who cares, we didn't pay for it. Today when we ate breakfast we watched last night's I've Got A Secret off of our saved list. Ooh, so exciting!

Got stuff in on my new Tokyopop job, so far I'm liking it a lot. Very neat art. Very girlie though.

I'm rereading Tik-Tok of Oz for the whateverth-time, we finally have gotten a bunch more of the gorgeous Books Of Wonder editions, because they've been showing up at BookCloseouts.com for $10 each. Yes, they're clearance copies so they have a marker streak on the bottom (of the paper, I don't know what you call that part of a book) but so what? That's a serious bargain. We had some but stopped buying them years ago. Now, we're close to having all of the Baum Oz books. Yay!

Back to work. Yeesh, this weather is the pits.


That is SO irritating about the book. What the F* is wrong with people!?

Isn't the DVR neato!?? I love ours too. So much so that my old problem of never knowing when things are on is now a complete hindrence to actually watching television at the "right" time! :)

The book thing was really one of those minor-but-SUPER-irritating moments. And of course, if there's a 2nd printing and they fix it, it'll be hard to resist buying it and chucking the old one, which basically will be REWARDING them for screwing it up in the first place. Grrr!!

We are so loving the DVR already. Of course, the best thing is fast forwarding through shows and ads. I doubt we'll ever watch "live" tv again! We sat down today and picked a couple of TCM movies we want to see and added them to the list -- some of the weird stuff at times like 7am that we never get to see. And I added my first series, Homefront in the Garden, so I'll always have something to watch. Ooh, I love it!!

Thanks a bunch for the info regarding bookcloseouts.com-- I got two rare Aaron Copland bios I couldn't find anywhere else, and for a pittance!
(I think "pittance" is the new millenial analogue to "jack squat", an image I never really felt comfortable using...)
A pittance, I tell you!
Your fan,
Brad in Baltimore

I love bookcloseouts.com, every month or so I run through my current book wishlist on their search engine, and I find a couple things on my list every time, usually for about $2. Which is, in fact, a pittance.

Glad to hear Mullens is doing well and that you got a new Tokyo Pop project that you like.

I don't know if you still take Action Girl recommendations but for anime I'd recommend Haibane Renmei and 12 Kingdoms (aka Juuni Kokki).

Haibane Renmei is about a girl who fell from the sky to a strange European-like city and is taken in by a community of people with halos and grey wings who says she's one of them.
Great artwork that is movie-quality plus the characters and atmosphere feel like something that Miyazaki would do. I honestly swear that Haibane Renmei's setting feels like one of those idealized Irish diaspora cities-the people aren't rich but they're genuinely warm and generous.
Haibane Renmei is genuinely sad and happy with snippets of humour that's surprising but believable in its placement.

Based on the novels, 12 Kingdom is a shoujo epic adventure with some serious muscle to it. A naturally red-haired high school girl Yohko is one day confronted by a strange man who swears obeisance to her and commands her to follow him because her life is in danger. Naturally leery of this, she's forced to follow him when a demon attacks her school. To help her protect herself, the man gives her a sword that only she can use as well as conjuring up a demon to possess her and give her supernatural fighting ability. When safely out of danger, the man takes her to another world that's reminiscent of Ancient China as well 2 people she knows accidentally wind up in the same world. Unfortunately Yohko and the man is seperated while one of the 12 kingdoms has become overrun by demons and is on the brink of war

One thing I like is how believable the series is in what happens to our main characters. The 3 are stuck on a world where only one of them can communicate with the natives and none of them have any money or survival skills other than Yohko's abilities. So they turn to things like attempts to rob people and stealing. The various characters also grow (or shrivel dramatically).

If you get the chance to check them out, go for it!