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So what I didn't know was that after a tetanus shot your arm could hurt. Like as in really hurt. For days. Ow ow ow. Better now, at last.

Mullins has his own web site now, all of you who followed his story, feel free to check up on him. Gollee is he a cutie.

Everyone's off to San Diego, apparently. Only a few people we know aren't going, and frankly, this is a year we both kind of wish we were there. Unfortunately, this is also a year that we certainly can't afford the trip, and honestly, we're so swamped with work right now it wouldn't have been possible anyway. Sometimes I wonder if we'll ever go back again…

In more comic-y news, Cafepress is starting their publishing-on-demand system. Pretty interesting, and definitely an option for self-publishers. They'll be doing comics (b&w interiors only), among tons of other book sizes, although if I'm reading the info right, it's not really cost-effective to do comics through them since there's a $4 binding fee, bringing the cost of a 24-page-plus-cover comic book up to $5.26. Even if you decided not to mark it up at all, thereby making not a cent off it, it's still an outrageous price. For books the numbers are a little more reasonable, with a 200-page perfect bound book costing you $13. But, pricey or not, I think it's a pretty important move and it'll be interesting to see what people do with it.

I know there was something else, but I cannot for the life of me remember what it was! Oh well, it'll give me something to write about as soon as I remember!! Have fun in San Diego to all of you who are going!


I thought Slave Labor would ship every one around. We have been getting a bit screwed there with the comicshow in Chicago, Only has Slave Labor there once, I think about three years ago, then nothing. I thought that was odd sice there was allways a huge crowd at the booths. Oh well.

I think honestly Cafepress is one of the greatest things to come out of the internet.

My tetanus shot soreness lasted for a week. Learned me lesson and I don't play with rusty nails no longer.

You're reading the Four Story Mistake! I loved that book as a wee lass. I found the Melendy family Omnibus on some random bookshelf (I think at a B&B?) a year or so ago and really enjoyed looking back through it. I hope you enjoy it . . . Tribble customs in the Sudden and all.

Melendy family .. Elizabeth Enright, yes? Brilliant. I loved Gone-Away Lake and Thimble Summer when I was younger (about 25 yrs old). Had almost forgotten them, if that's possible. Thanks for reminding me of them.

Sorry about your hurty arm! That's why I hate the tetanus shot.
Love the Mullins site! I'll keep checking it out. He looks like he'll be happy there.
I agree with Jeff, I think CafePress is the best. What a great idea and I hope the publishing takes off. I'll have to show it to my husband. He's a horror writer of the unpublished type! :)

Melendy books -- yes, Elizabeth Enright. Evan had gotten me the last Melendy book, "Spiderweb for Two" a year ago or so, and I didn't even realize at first that this one was related. I really like them and today, to my surprise, I discovered that they're actually all in print! I had no idea! So if we don't come across The Saturdays and And Then There Were Five soon, I'll be scoring those from Amazon. And it looks like a lot of her stuff is available...time to add more stuff to my list, I think!!

Arm is much better, thanks all. No more hurty arm until 2013, at least! (Unless they decide to vax us all for anthrax or something.)

CafePress is cool -- and I think for books their publishing system is a definitely cool option! Soon there won't be anything that they DON'T do!!

Anyway, back to work bashing this bible into shape!!