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The Five Kinds Of Busy. At the moment, Evan is without a doubt "way too". Last week I was "too" but now I'm slowly downshifting to "perfectly". Here's hoping I can stay there for a bit.

Came across the acclaimed UK Honda ad that will presumably soon be running here. It really is something else. (secondary source)

At Evan's request, I tracked down the Star Wars Teen at waxy.org. I don't have any idea where he heard about it, (either WFMU or NPR, I think), but if you haven't seen it yet either, there you go.

Crayon Shin-Chan gets some props. I'll always be sorry that the attempt to get him for the Cartoon Network wasn't in time. I doubt the current licensee will ever get that show on the air. But you never know.

Here's some info on an exhibit of advice books for women at the U. of Delaware. From this I learned that there was once a "New York Female School of Design" (at Cooper Union). I also learned that I really want that Munro Leaf book of advice for young women!

Abbie the Cat is back after an extended absence. Still one of my favorite daily reads.

The new Reynolds Wrap Release foil is brilliant. Totally non-stick, and if you like roasting vegetables or doing any other sort of cooking where food normally sticks like mad (see this roasted potato recipe, you've got to try it. Seriously, it's completely changed the way I cook several things (not to mention how often I'll cook them now).

Anyway, as you can see, the busy level in the house has prevented me from bringing you the greatest essay ever published in a comic book. Will try to get to that in the next day or so. In the meantime, a quote-in-the-way-of-teaser from said essay: "Your world of men has not ended." See you there!


I love Abbie the Cat! Thanks for putting up the link. I have to get that "Abbie The Cat Has A Posse" sticker for my collection of "..Has A Posse" stickers. My treasure: a "Neil Diamond Has A Posse" sticker, which was made for a Vancouver BC art show.

can't wait for that essay; that's a really great quote! and thanks for the props on the potato recipe---i put a new recipe up yesterday, actually. and i really do mean to be a little better about posting recipes up there; i've been up at WTFBusy for awhile now, but it's calmed down (as i knew it would) in the past week or so. so hopefully some semblance of order will return. ^^

If you have a second, please go to this link.


I have a wedding present for you two that I guess is now about two years overdue. Do you still want it (it's nice!)?

"Your world of men has not ended"????

Hiyao Miyazaki creates 4 commercials for House Foods


Hey everyone -- got behind for reasons which shall become clear as soon as I finish this new entry!
Janaki -- you're welcome! And seriously, check that release foil out!
Sandy -- thanks for the link, that is killing! Although I don't know what cracks me up more, the photos or the mangled english...and presents are of course always welcome, who cares how late? ^_^
Michael - thanks for the tip -- I downloaded the 3 CMs that page linked to and can't wait to see them!

thanks, i'll definitely check that foil out! as for the cat apparel, i was personally amused most by how many times the word "foppish" came up. XDXDXD