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stranger than fiction

More quick bits, then later, the article Evan promised on my behalf…

First, you may or may not have heard about the Pana Wave Laboratory, the latest wacko cult to wander around Japan. I find them kind of funny, but only because they're not anywhere near me. Anyway, they've got a lot of wacky schtick going on, but the main points are that the world is supposed to endany day now (I think it was originally tomorrow, the 15th, but now it's "next week sometime"), and if they're allowed to capture Tama-chan the seal, the end of the world will be averted. And they wear special outfits, don't bathe, and only eat ramen. (Sounds like some comics fans, doesn't it?) Anyway, today I came across the best article about them yet, "Japanese Cult Vows to Save a Seal and the World".

The big videogame expo, E3 is going on, and one of the most interesting bits of news for me to come out of it that Sony is launching a handheld. Doesn't look like it'll be compatible with your old PS games though, so I think I'll keep saving pennies for the GBSPA.

You've probably heard of "...she's a flight risk." It's one of the latest hip, soon-to-be-a-book/movie/etc type websites, but for a change it's actually interesting to read. (And no, I personally don't believe a word of it, but hey, truth is stranger than fiction, so who knows?)

And finally—Have you seen the new 20-dollar-bill yet? It's actually uglier, somehow. I thought they were thinking of making our money more attractive, more like what opther countries have. But this just looks like someone spilled bleach on a $20.


RE: Why People Believe Weird Things. . .

I read that a few years ago and enjoyed it. Any thoughts on it? I'd like to read it again, but loaned my copy out to someone with a weird belief about not returning things. . .

Well, I havent gotten past all the introductory material yet, so I can't say I have a real opinion! But we flipped through it in B&N a while back and Evan & I both wanted to read it. (He had heard about it somewhere -- the radio maybe?) Also picked up the author's book on Holocaust denial since it was being remaindered. I've been looking forward to this book for a long time so I was happy to finally get it.

The 20 dollar bill got the touch up job to make it harder to counterfeit.

I know why they did it....I just don't know why they couldn't have done a better job. Surely there're plenty of attractive things they could have done to make it harder to counterfeit? No...we go from the most boring money to the ugliest. (At least the greenback had character.)

A Bit of a rant, sorry to everyone and Sarah. That flight Risk has wayyy too much info! If this person is looking for a way to get away from Evil Daddy, then why the friggin Blog?!?! (oh, then I guess there wouldn't be a need for this "entertainment"?)I think I'll give the book a try instead.

As for our $20 bill and money, I don't think our money has looked good for decades now. I have a very old 1 Dollar "Gold" certificate (back when the greenbacks were worth something!) that was my Grandpa's and it is larger and beautiful! The engraving alone must have taken months to do. The new stuff still reminds me of Monopoly money. What happened to the old practice of getting artists to compete on new designs? The postal service still does that with stamps.

Sarah, if you happen to like good historical based mystery stories, I suggest you look for Robert Van Gullick's "Judge Dee" stories. They take place in 16th Century China and they are lots of fun. (there's even Monkey's in a couple of the stories!)


Marc - I agree with you on the Flight Risk, but it looks like she got tired of doing it before everyone got tired of reading it. On the monkeys -- (whoops, I closed old comments before I commented myself -- silly girl!) we were just looking at an ad in a comic for monkeys and chihuahua and wondering just how on earth did that work? And did anyone ever get a monkey that way? Old comic book ads are so freaky. So many of them are obviously just total frauds. So many kids must have been so bitterly disappointed...