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where we've been...

Slipped into WTFBusy mode there for a bit; not only are we working around the clock on the new Dork trade, Circling the Drain, we had two major interruptions in the last two days which have knocked us back.

First, in the you always think these things can't happen to you dep't: we live near the top of a hill, on a very hilly island. Wednesday, we had a violent lightning storm that pounded our hill. We shut everything down, attempted to soothe the cats, and when it was all over, Evan's computer was dead. After considerable attempts to get it to boot, calls to our super-expert friend and more attempts, I was able to figure out that a power spike came in through the phone line, blew out the modem installed in the computer, along with who knows what else, and had stopped everything cold. Pulling the affected card out apparently restored the system, but Evan is entirely offline now (he was on dialup because I never got our network back up after changing the computers out). So, no email, journaling, or anything for him except for a few breaks here and there, since I'm pretty much at my system non-stop working on the book. The computer is "on probation" while we wait to see if anything else blew out and will start causing trouble. And I think as soon as we finish the book I need to put some time into considering a wireless network for the house. (Oh, and it looks like my speakers may have shorted before I got things turned off. Yay.)

Yesterday, our day was killed in a much more pleasant fashion when we went into Manhattan to record a commentary track for the upcoming Space Ghost Coast-to-Coast DVD set. We, along with our long-time producer Keith Crofford, did an audio commentary for our 2nd episode, "Girlie Show". That was pretty interesting, and although we were exhausted we had a pretty nice day afterwards, coming home late to collapse in front of the television and watch 3 Olivia DeHavilland movies on TCM. I won't say more because when I get away from the computer to make dinner later I think Evan wants to write about it himself.

Finally, for those of you that don't read comments, my day was started with much hilarity thanks to this Japanese cat dress-up site linked to by Sandy in the last entry's comments.


How effective is a powerbar for preventing such power spikes from blowing out your electronics?

Michael - in this case, not at all, since it came in the phone line. As has been pointed out to me, every single line attached to your computer (cable, phone, ethernet, whatever -- and I hadn't even thought of the cable modem) has the cabability of conveying a spike into the machine. Even a surge protecter is not 100% safe (although it may provide insurance). The only way to totally prevent anything happening would be to pull every single connection at any sign of lightning.

Of course, normally, the chances of you getting a hit bad enough to do damage like this is pretty slim. And there's a good possibility insurance would cover the computer, the data on the hard drive was more of a worry to me. And the chances of it happening twice are even smaller. But still...I'm looking to go wireless as soon as I can figure out what to do (and spend the $$).

They make surge protectors now that you can plug the phone line into as well.
Also, any idea when the Space Ghost thing will be coming out?
Have you ever read Meridian from Crossgen? If you haven't, you might enjoy it. Especially the first trade, it has comments by the writer and artists in the margins.

The SGC2C DVD release(s) are scheduled for fall. I don't know if it's one box set, or a box set and individual DVDs. I think it's one box but I really am not sure. They have started promoting them on Adult Swim.
Never seen Meridian, I have to admit the art on the early CrossGen books turned me off and I stopped looking at them.
I do already have one surge protector that you can run both cable and phone lines through -- but our consultant friend said it's worthless in an area with direct lightning strikes like we have. The machines would be replaced, but the data would be lost...but thanks anyway!