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as promised...

Here's my favorite quote of 2003:

"I hate smoking and drinking and so why would I offer it to apes?"
— Abe Karajerjian, biological anthropologist
this is from a story on the life and health on Cheeta, the chimp from the Tarzan series. And I mean the original Cheeta, who is 71 and still going strong! I had no idea he was still alive. But I also thought his name was spelled C-H-E-E-T-A-H, so what do I know?


Famous Apes?

Sarah, I wish there was a current picture of Cheetah. Ayway, great article. When I use to live in Manhattan, I use to get my Ape/Monkey and Penguin fix at the Central Park Zoo. Best entertainment value for the dollar!

When I was in grade school, we had a visit from the Chimp that I think was known as J. Floyd Muggs from the Today Show. (it's been a while since I thought of this, so forgive me even if I got the chimps name wrong!) It was allot of fun with Muggs showing off how much of an expert at roller skating he was. I remember that the Chimp was very at home and did not bear his teeth. Oh, what was really interesting was that at that time, Muggs and his owner lived in Staten Island.

Also, The famous Circus Ape known as "Gargantua" lived in a mansion in Bayridge Brooklyn. The Mansion has long since been gone, and in its place became many smaller homes. What was left, was the tree that Gargantua use to play on.


Wow! Evan is going to be so jealous of you when he reads this!! I personally have almost no experience with apes or monkeys, other than an extended visit when I was (probably) 5 years old to relatives on my mom's side of the family. Two of the things I remember are playing Green Ghost with my cousins in the basement, and their pet spider monkey. A pet monkey was absolutely the most exotic and bizarre idea to me at the time. I think I was scared of it, but I don't really remember...

Sarah, just a comment. Ever see those old ads in older comics? Besides pet Alligators, there were also Monkeys for sale (and not the sea type either!) and I always wondered how they shipped them to you. Monkeygram? Monkeyexpress? I can just see the USPS delivering one of those!

Well, there's always the Bronx Zoo! I am having an Ape/Penguin withdraw!(Where I am in NE PA, there's NADA! The closest is either Binghampton or, I think the Bronx Zoo might be closer than the one in Philly)

I will go now......

..and then I saw this..Does Mr. Chimpy have a big brother?