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a roundup! yippee ky yi yay

Hopefully you all already know that we'll be appearing in Toms River tomorrow (Saturday) at the library at their big comics event thing. Should be interesting, and a nice road trip if nothing else! Things have been crazy hectic around here, but looks like we'll have lots of small-but-interesting projects to announce later this year. I've been saving links to post, and here's the first few. Quote of the year coming up this weekend!!
The Great Sasuke still won't take his mask off.

Anyone remember the Green Machine? Did you know it came back?

Finally, wrist-phones are here! (Well, in Japan, anyway.) (follow-up: the phones sold out in 20 minutes!)

And best link of all, the World of Mary Blair, an officially sanctioned Blair estate website with art, merchandise, info and more. Just getting started, but already amazing. J'adore Mary Blair. Link via scrubbles.


Damn sweet. I want a wristophone too ;_;