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lots goin' on

Since most of you read Evan's journal, I don't have to go into the miles of stuff we've been dealing with. It's been overwhelming, but for the most part positive stress. (If nothing else, having finally gotten health coverage means that Evan's finally being sent to a neurosurgeon to try and find out what exactly is wrong with his back and neck.) I have been dealing with the stress by spending what small bits of free time I find in the garden since the weather's been so lovely. Things are bursting into bloom all over the place! Well, I'm off to make Evan's birthday cake (actually, a vintage brownie recipe that doesn't taste anything like modern brownies but is delicious). But before I forget, I want to leave you with this:

If any of you have not seen the video for Johnny Cash's cover of "Hurt", I stumbled across it online today. We just saw it for the first time a few days ago and it's absolutely breathtaking. Maybe "devastating" (as one reviewer put it) is even more accurate. Anyway. Watch it.


Vintage brownie recipe?

Curiosity abounds.