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and a little bit more...

Finally got Evan's new Fun Strip up; he hadn't finished it in time for me to do earlier and wanted this special birthday edition up this week. (Speaking of his birthday, the brownies came out great, although we can't quite think of them as brownies.)

Also got a couple pieces of art up on ebay to help pay for last week's mess of visiting repair guys.

And that's it for this late edition!


Finally met up with a co-worker who told me the pho recipe. Given that english isn't her first language the details are a bit vague.

-2 sliced onions
-sliced/chopped ginger (volume is somewhat bigger than a sugar cube)
-lotsa beef bones
-2 cut up star-anise (?) (the herb that looks like a multipointed star)
-She forgot to mention how much water to use in the pot (but all the other necessary ingredients have been given)

optional ingredients
-1 thinly sliced or heavily chopped white radish (not many use it but it does add flavor to the broth and lightens the soup)
-2 lemon grass (generally the most authentic pho will not have it but a lot of Vietnamese like to occasionally use it to add nutrients and flavor)
-1 slice of lemon (probably the least commonly used item, squeeze it over the soup for a bit of a sour taste if that's your preference)

Just a boil your items for 3-4 hours at medium heat.